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Alive! International Students

International Students

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you will need to attend international student orientation.

There are two components to international student orientation:

  • International Programs orientation
  • Alive! orientation

All international students must sign up for both programs.

International Programs orientation

The Office of International Programs will welcome you to campus and help you with the procedures and questions that are unique to international students.

International info & signup

Alive! orientation

There are many options for Alive! orientation. Choose a date that works for you.

Spring Alive!

January 8-10, 2020
This program is not accepting reservations. Please check back in November.

Spring Alive! info & signup

Summer Alive!

Session 1: June 9-11
Session 2: June 13-15
Session 3: June 17-19
Session 5: June 24-26
Session 6: July 6-8
Session 7: July 11-13
Session 8: July 15-17
Session 10: July 21-23
Session 11: July 25-27

Summer Alive! info & signup

Fall Alive!

August 15-17

Most international students attend fall orientation, as it fits within the arrival window specified by U.S. visa regulations.

Fall Alive! info & signup

Transfer student Alive!

If you have at least 27 semester credits (or 40 quarter credits) and are already in the United States, we encourage you to sign up for a transfer student orientation.

While you can attend any orientation session that is convenient for you, the transfer sessions will allow you to register for classes before anyone else.

Spring Transfer Alive!
March 29-30
This program is not accepting reservations. Please check back in January.

Summer Transfer Alive!
June 21-22
July 19-20

Transfer Alive! info & signup