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Alive! Freshman Orientation Dates

Freshman Orientation Dates

You are a freshman for orientation purposes if you haven’t attended college after graduating from high school or if you have earned less than 27 college credits.

If your college credits were earned through a college-in-the-high-school program (e.g., Running Start), you’re a freshman for orientation and registration purposes.

All new students must attend an orientation program to enroll for their first semester of classes.

Enrolling in spring semester 2020

Spring Alive!

January 9-10, 2020
This program is not accepting reservations. Please check back in November.

Spring Alive! info & signup

Enrolling in fall semester 2020

Summer Alive!

Session 1: June 9-11
Session 2: June 13-15
Session 3: June 17-19
Session 5: June 24-26
Session 6: July 6-8
Session 7: July 11-13
Session 8: July 15-17
Session 10: July 21-23
Session 11: July 25-27

Summer Alive! info & signup

Alive! in Hawaii & California

June 6: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
June 28: San Ramon, California
June 29: San Ramon, California

Hawaii & Calif. info & signup

Fall Alive!

August 15-17

Fall Alive! orientation is the last chance to register for classes. If you do not attend an orientation program, you will not be able to register for fall semester.

Fall Alive! info & signup

Greek recruitment notice

If you would like to participate in formal sorority or fraternity recruitment, you will need to select a summer Alive! date. Students cannot participate in formal recruitment until the orientation requirement is complete.

For more information on fraternity and sorority recruitment, visit the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life.