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Alive! Summer Alive! Orientation

Summer Alive! Orientation

Get ready to enroll at WSU!

Alive! Summer Orientation
June – July 2020

All new students are required to attend an orientation program to register for classes. Choose a date that works for you—eleven orientation sessions are offered throughout June and July.

At Alive! Orientation you can expect to:

  • Meet with faculty advisors and other campus leaders.
  • Create your schedule and register for fall semester classes.
  • Learn how you can customize your education and open up future career opportunities with more than 200 fields of study.
  • Tour campus and attend workshops to get an inside look at life at a world-class university.
  • Learn about the exciting leadership and involvement opportunities that await you.

Sign up for Summer Alive!

If you can’t attend a summer orientation session, you can attend Fall Alive! instead.

Parent & family information

Parents and guests will attend their own Alive! activities. This helps students and their supporters begin to settle into their new roles—and helps us provide information and support tailored to your specific questions and concerns.

Parent & family info

Find travel planning info and campus and community resources for you and your student. Connect with other Coug parents.

Program policies

There’s safety and emergency information you’ll want to know, in addition to all the usual rules.

Read the Alive! orientation policies

Post-Alive! Evaluation

Will be available summer 2020.

Alive! orientation helped me develop bonds that will last a lifetime. I got to see how great the Coug community really is. My OC even spent her own money to get us ice cream.”

Mariela Frias
Women’s Studies

What to bring

Students will need:

  • Picture ID, WSU ID number, and WSU network ID
  • Documentation of any College Board AP exams
  • Transcripts of any college classes you’ve taken
  • Measles immunization documentation (if you haven’t already mailed it in)
  • Pens and pencils for the writing placement exams

Also important for everyone:

  • Comfortable walking shoes (you’ll be doing a lot of walking
  • A warm jacket/coat and umbrella (be prepared for cold, rain, and snow)
  • Backpack
  • Water